Boudoir Portrait Studio, Serving Houston Texas

Boudoir Portrait Studio, Serving Houston Texas

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 ​I’m the owner and lead photographer of Emma Estell Photography and started my journey to boudoir in an unconventional way. After my first pregnancy, I had postpartum depression and didn't know for nearly 6 months. I was so miserable and just thought I hated my new life. I started boudoir so that I could make women feel the way I longed to feel. I knew if I could do that, I could be okay with my new life. Thankfully I got help and soon loved my new life, including boudoir!

 When women of all shapes and backgrounds walk through my studio door, I sense their hopeful hesitation. They sit with my hair and makeup artist and we chat about life, who they are, and what they hope to get from the day. I live for the moment after the first few shots when I turn my camera and show them just who they really are. They light up! When the session ends and we reach the moment of the big reveal — where for the first time, they fully see themselves made up and dressed in something that makes them feel sexy — I watch the “aha” moment happen in real time. I love seeing women transform into the powerful selves they already have inside, hearing them say, “That’s me?” and walking out having had a transformative experience that seeps into the rest of their lives.

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About Emma Estell Photography

We are a women-led business that specializes in intimate boudoir photography.

In order to provide the most luxurious experience possible, we are a boutique portrait studio that serves just a small number of clients each month.


To empower all women by providing them with a safe space to work through their journey to self love.


Miss E

Emma was absolutely amazing! She made me feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful even when I just had a baby. I had so much fun & my pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined. My husband & I both loved the finished product! I will definitely be a returning client!


Miss D

I always knew I wanted to do a Boudoir shoot, but I never had the confidence before meeting Emma! Emma made me feel absolutely beautiful & very confident. The session was amazing & covered alot of good angles & poses! This company is very professional & I highly recommend them. The owner was very kind & very patient with me as well.


Miss K

Emma is the queen of boudoir!!! As a plus sized beauty, I am always weary of photography as not everyone knows how to find my best angles. Emma not only knew what she was doing, but we laughed and had a good time along the way!! I felt totally comfortable, and there wasn’t a single moment that felt awkward. I felt like a queen the entire day, and the pictures are stunning. I had no idea I could look like that! Thank you Emma for giving me a major boost of self confidence... No matter what size or shape, Emma will capture your best, most sultry self. ♥️


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