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How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot, Without Losing Weight | Boudoir Photographer, Houston Texas

August 01, 20223 min read

You know that moment when all the sudden, it feels like everyone around you is getting engaged to be married or pregnant with a baby? Well I'm here to tell you that those people are just like you.

They're normal people who have something special to celebrate and they want to do it in front of the camera. We all want to remember this time in our lives, so don't be afraid! When prepping for a boudoir shoot, there are ways to get ready, without needing to lose weight.

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Don't Try Any New Hair Cuts Or Colors The Week Of Your Shoot

If you're about to have a boudoir shoot, chances are you're going to look at least a little bit different after than when it was taken. If you don't usually wear makeup, you might be tempted to try out new products and looks before your session. But this is one instance where changing up your appearance can backfire in a big way: if there's one thing that makes women look less confident and sexy on camera, it's changes in their physical appearance (and even more so if those changes aren't subtle).

That goes for everything from new haircuts or colors all the way down through small tweaks like highlights or bangs—anything that might draw attention away from the part of your body that's supposed to be on display could throw off the whole equation by making people think "Whoa, who IS THIS GIRL?" instead of "Oh my god yes please".

So unless there's something specific about your personal style that would really benefit from an update—like maybe if you've always been into pink/red hair but have never had any reason before now? Then go ahead. Otherwise just stick with what works best for YOU!

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Practice Your Poses

You can also practice posing in front of a mirror. It's important to be comfortable with your body and know how you want to present yourself. This is something that will help you a lot when it comes time for your shoot.

There are a number of different poses that can be used for boudoir photography, but the most common pose is one where you're lying on your side, facing away from the camera. You can use pillows or sheets to prop up your knee so it doesn't look as flat (and unflattering) as if it was just lying on the bed without support.

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Don't Get A Spray Tan Or Use Tanning Beds

Spray tans are a common choice for boudoir shoots, but they're not always the best option. Spray tans can be uneven and tricky to apply well, which is why most studios prefer you to come in with a natural glow already.

Also, spray tans can stain lingerie and furniture that isn't specifically labeled as safe for usage with a spray tan. If you have any doubts about this or have sensitive skin, don't use one!

Finally: no matter how much you love having a sun-kissed glow, you will definitely photograph orange (and not in a good way).

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Start Stretching Weeks Before Your Shoot

If you want to feel your best on the day of your boudoir shoot, it's important to start stretching weeks before. Stretching will help you feel more flexible and confident in front of the camera—and while some photographers might prefer a more natural look, there's nothing wrong with having a little help from your yoga studio.

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The most important thing to remember when preparing for your boudoir shoot is that it’s not about losing weight or changing anything about yourself. It’s about feeling confident, comfortable and beautiful.

You don’t need to change anything about yourself in order to feel beautiful, but if you want to feel even more confident before your shoot, then get our free lingerie wardrobe guide!


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Emma Powell

I am a boudoir photographer, specializing in empowering women. Serving the Greater Houston area. Outside of photography, I drink too much coffee and probably should be editing photos.

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